Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Art Direction, Logo & Web Design, Photography

My Role

Karen X. Cheng, Emily, Carlos Martinez




Butterbar (now Wafffle) is a viral video marketing agency founded by Karen X Cheng , who’s created countless viral marketing videos for big brands such as Beats By Dre, Google, Facebook, SoFi, and the list goes on. We worked together to create a brand that aimed to break the ad agency conventions back in 2018. 

Butterbar Viral Video Agency

When I first worked with Butterbar (now Wafffle), the agency was still named Karen X. Because of the growing number of their clients and need for expansion, they decided to rebrand into the current Butterbar and needed some help to design the new logo and create new brand direction.

Inspired by the Klarna's website art direction. We wanted the art direction to emit a sense of boldness, simplicity, and spreadability (like that of butter) and last but not least, to create a lasting impression for our collective desire to look at something that is visually striking, new, and engaging. 

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