Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Director, Co-Producer, DP,  Editor, Colorist, Art Director

My Role

Oscar Chang (Composer), Peter Chang (Choreographer), Beiyuan Zang, Drishti Verma,  Anna Mader, Sawanii Chaudhary, Bruna Giampietro, Kenneth Sousie, Vinay Chowdhry, Merissa Collins, Jiemin Yang, Maya Lam, Cam Surh, Andy Santana, Kathy Chen, Jesse Herndon, Jake Wilkinsons 



1.5 Months



Empty Room is a narrative music video about a closeted gay man, Gabriel, who feels lost and alone in a church that is both cultish and homophobic. Directed/Produced by Grant Hao-Wei Lin with collaboration from Co-Producer/Choreographer Peter Cheng and Composer Oscar Chang, the narrative was inspired by Lin's personal experience with the institution he was a part of. Through the struggle of standing up for himself against the ideology at the church, he was able to finally accept his authentic self, but at the cost of a lost community he yearns for and a broken relationship that can no longer be fixed.

Empty Room 空房間

As a school assignment that turned into a full-on passion project, this production was inspired by a toxic relationship I had because of my own inability to accept my queerness and a toxic and oppressive environment that led me to escapism. I co-led a team of 15 people over a period of one and a half months to bring this music video to life. 

I want the film to have no audible dialogue to emphasize the framing and choreography.  Starting from storyboarding, script writing, production meetings, casting, dancer rehearsal, location scouting, test-shooting, to editing, color grading and sound engineering, I went through the entire production process with the help of many others to create this final piece. 

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