Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Photographer, Retoucher, Cinematographer

My Role

Marc Nuñez, Federica Berra, Ryland West




Founded by Marc Nuñez back in 2015, Gotham Dance Theater has always been a big proponent of diversity, inclusion, and community engagement through the dance form. I have had the honor to come on to the team on multiple occasions from 2021 to the present as their photographer and cinematographer. 

Gotham Dance Theater

Photo Composite for the 22 Showcase

The first production-heavy project I collaborated on was for an online showcase called 22, which was held during the peak of the pandemic in 2021 as part of the Center at West Park Residency. The show is about the intimate journey Marc and his Filipino mother took together immigrating to the US. Marc hired me along with lighting assistant Federica to help create their first company photoshoot and dance film.

We wanted to follow the dancer's photography convention to highlight each dancer while keeping the tone and theme neutral. Each dancer was instructed to do high, medium, and low poses under two strobes for options.  A dance video that we made for this show can be also found here.

More Projects

Official Graphic for the Center at West Park Website

Photo Selects from the Day of the Performance

In the beginning of 2022, I had the honor to work with Marc again on his first in person stage production since the pandemic. This time I both acted as a photographer on set (with lighting assistance from Ryland) and live during the showcase. The show re:motions was about the collective loss, the search for love, and the rising pressure of technology inspired by the time during COVID lockdown.

We had a few production meetings prior to the shoot and decided that we want to focus on the theme of finding a source of light in the darkness. Through many trials and errors and a few test shoots, we were able to achieved the mood we were looking for and encapsulate the overall atmosphere of the production.

Official Graphic for the re:motions

Outside of the company production,  Marc and I also shared a lot of the same interests in music. As I was polishing my tracking skills with my gimbal and Sony a7riii rig, I invited Marc to be the main lead of a small video exercise that we put together in a span of a single night.

The music was Everything Is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira, but we do not claim any rights to the music and this is just for personal enrichment purposes. It took us a few tries to get the results we wanted, but the final product was a one-shot, no-cuts production.