Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Written Text, Photography, Single Channel Projection, Wall Mounted TV Screens


Unity, Photoshop




Lineage is a multimedia art installation and game that acts as a Memory Theater of my relationship with my father as a gay man having gone through military, a cult, and the struggles to come out to my family members. Through physical prints and digital soundscape and 3D rendering. It is an ongoing project that invites the audience to experience the complexity of my queer journey.


The Theater of Memory is an architectural and philosophical concept designed by 16th century Italian Philosopher Guilio Camillo. He proposed a magical arena that divides in to 7 levels containing 49 rooms in total. The arena possessed magical cultural artifacts that would give the visitors a part of the human experienced when touched.  Once a visitor went through all 7 levels, they would experienced the entirety of human knowledge and experience ever to be had. 

Combing this design with the questioning of photographic reality, I wanted to build my own memory theater to explore the complex father-and-son relationship that made up a significant part of my queer identity. Due to technical challenges, optimization issues, and limitation of WebGL, this project is on hold at its prototypic stage until further funding/residency opportunity comes along.

Created during full lockdown at the beginning of 2021, Lineage has to take on an alternative form in the way it is displayed to the public since most galleries are closed. 

I created an exhibition plan and mocked up composite installation shots as a way to give viewer a sense of what the show might look like in real life.

The Virtual Exhibition

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