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We were inspired by Rhianna's beauty makeup line Fenty and decided to be a low budget Fahionista for a day.

Fenty Beauty is a cosmetic, makeup line created by Rhianna. Both being a fan of Rhianna, Tina Do Tran and I teamed up for a light hearted shoot for fun over a Sunday.


Centering around the color red, we want to make something that’s got a little bit of attitude, sass, and passion. We also just wanted to make cool images.

Prop shopping

I used Micheals props to enhance the shot, did a shopping spree at target, and thrifted some clothing to put together the shots you see below. (along with a lot of post editing)

moody tina grant profile shot futuristic shades dynamic dual


If you are interested in doing a customized shot in this style. Shoot me a message!