Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Marketing Strategy, Design Research, UIUX

My Role

Devon Hetz, Jinyi Li, Niamh Galea




Made You Look Friday is a marketing proposal that combines the community and drop culture of streetwear fashion with Spotify's New Music Friday. The project aims to uplift either small music artists or fashion designers through their collaboration on the new Spotify listening party platform.

Spotify "Made You Look" Friday

Web App Banner Design for Made You Look Friday's Promotion

Designed during the corona virus pandemic, the listening party is made to be participated at the comfort of the fan's own home and is delivered as a limited edition cardboard box that contains an exclusive link to the live stream showcase and features fashion products, food related perks and customizable fashion apparel as part of the ticket to the event.

Each Made You Look Friday features a different music artist paired with a fashion designer, or potentially a food brand. The goal is to make fans feel like they are a part of something exclusive while building a long lasting relationship between the artist and designer beyond the listening party. In this instance, we chose Florence + The Machine with Alix Higgins.

More Projects

Key Screens Design for the Mobile App – Spotify Sign Up and Puchase Flow

Desktop Interface Design for the Listening Party Livestream

A Party Box That Is Also A Projector


The box (visualized by Jinyi Li), limited in quantities each event, can be transformed into a DIY projector that fans can choose to use at night with their smart phones.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Tape, Customizable Fashion


The tape (visualized by Jinyi Li) allow fans to create their own unique outfit with limited edition Alix Higgin's apparel.

Mobile Interface Design for the Listening Party