Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Lettering Designer, Mural Painter, Signage Design, Packaging Design

My Roles

Christine Foo, Dakota Wilder




Trove was a storage service startup based in San Francisco. As they were expanding their products from full-service storage to drive-in self storage, they were looking for lettering, signage, and graphic design help in their new warehouse space in Potrero Hill. This became an opportunity for Christine and I to humanize the otherwise cold and impersonal storage space.

Trove Storage

As of February of 2019, Trove was acquired by Nextdoor and will be helping create a stronger local community.

Trove was a personal storage service that valued not just the items themselves, but the special memories that tie to the items which people want to keep. The main target consists of primarily people in their 20s and 30s who cherish the ability to hand pick and store their memory. Working with Trove, Christine and I really did not want to fall into the existing cold, sterile, and sometimes scary storage experience.

We drew a lot of inspiration from popular co-working spaces like The Wing, and WeWork as great examples of modernizing and creating a welcoming workspace. Inspired by a modernized vintage color palette and geometric shape, we wanted to revamp the storage experience through visual design.

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