Grant Hao-Wei Lin

Cinematographer & Editor

My Role

Chieh Hsiung, Fusia Dance Co., Vinay Chowdhry (Advisor)





All City’s A Stage is an episodic web series I produced and directed, featuring one performing artist each episode. Weaving the formal, the mental, and the physical into the fabric of reality, the series explores the sweet, the sour, the disturbing and the electrifying moments that we, as artists, performers and audience, can all relate to and embody at any given point of our journey. I want to invite the audience to join in on the inner minds of these underrepresented artists from an intimate perspective.

All City's A Stage Pilot

Chieh was one of the first performers I met after I moved to NYC in 2020. Always having an interest in dance as an art form, I thought that Chieh's story exemplified the obstacles and joy of being a performers really well.

This was my first complete film project that I filmed and edited. Shot in a documentary style with my Sony A7riii, the film was captured organically and without a shot list. The only part that was choreographed was the climax of the film – the apartment solo.

Awards & Screening

All City's A Stage Pilot was selected as a Semi Finalist in the Best TV/Web Series Pilot category for LA Short Fest.

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Pitch Deck & Style Guide

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All City's A Stage Pitch Deck

The original document describing my concept for the web series.

All City's A Stage Simple Style Guide

Typography, Color Scheme, Subtitles

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